Probate Services

What is Probate?

Probate of an estate involves the legal process of handling an individual’s affairs after death. An attorney is selected by the executor or administrator to prepare the probate court documents and give advice on basic procedures and law. Probate is more than merely transferring a person’s assets after death. The probate process includes payment of debts, preparation of asset lists, distribution of assets, preparation of estate and income taxes where necessary, and in some instances, the creation and maintenance of trusts and appointment of guardians for minor children.

Are there alternatives to Probate?

Yes, for many families, an estate plan can be implemented prior to death without incurring the expense of a living trust.  Inexpensive estate planning tools such as joint and survivorship assets may achieve the same results as a living trust for simple estates. For some families, a living trust is the best option, however a lawyer should prepare the living trust for you. In order to plan your estate, you should consider consulting with Guiley & Guiley Co., L.P.A. Estate planning tools, including living trusts, will be explained to you and the costs associated with each of them so that you can make an informed decision.

After a death, who should contact an attorney?

Anytime a death occurs, a consultation with a probate attorney is proper. If the deceased left a Will, it is best if the executor named in the Will contacts an attorney. However, if there is no Will, or if you are concerned about whether an executor’s actions are appropriate, or if you believe there is a problem with the will, then you should consider consulting with an attorney.

What if there are little or no assets?

Even if the individual left little or no estate, there may be some unforeseen issues that need resolved. If there are limited assets, Ohio probate law allows certain estate to travel on a “fast track” to expedite the probate process. The only way to assure yourself and your loved ones that the estate is being handled properly is to contact an attorney.

What services do Guiley & Guiley Co., L.P.A. offer?

Guiley & Guiley Co., L.P.A. offer complete probate legal services.  If you or someone else are in need of probate services or legal advice, contact Guiley & Guiley Co., L.P.A. to schedule an appointment with one of the attorneys.